Identity Theft Webinar

America’s Top Identity Theft & Fraud Prevention Speaker

Learn How to Protect Yourself, Your Company, and Your Clients in this 60 Minute Presentation.

Richard C. Hemphill CITRMS (Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist) is a Principal at Hemphill Financial Group, which serves businesses and organizations that wish to protect consumers against identity theft. He has held senior management positions in major insurance carriers throughout the United States and is a Lifetime member of the million dollar Roundtable. He has lectured extensively on identity theft, risk management, regulation and compliance guidelines to organization throughout the United States.

Individuals & Organizations that proactively educate themselves about identity theft protection, drastically reduce their chances of a costly data breach. Attendees will experience first-hand what data theft feels like, and the resulting costs of poor privacy practices. Rick gets the audience on the edge of their seat, laughing and learning. Increased awareness inside of your household and organization translates into an immediate return on your investment of time into this COMPLIMENTARY WEBINAR.

Safe data is profitable data, whether it’s a client’s credit card number, a patient’s medical file, an employees benefit plan or sensitive intellectual capital. By the time Rick finishes you will be fully empowered to protect private information, at home and at work.

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