Small Business Tools

Small Business Consulting Solutions, Minus The Major Cost:

Being a Small Business Owner can feel a lot like being stranded on a deserted island. Sure, you might be able to start a fire or build a shelter, but you quickly realize that you can’t do it all. Larger communities and businesses have the resources to support having people who specialize in all aspects of what they do. But on Small Business Island, you may find yourself as the accountant, the marketing department, IT, HR, the janitor and receptionist, etc., etc, until you get to the point where you are looking for any way to build yourself a raft to escape.

So what options do these small business owners have when it comes to dealing with areas outside of their expertise? The most common route is to hire a consultant, but as anyone who has used these services before can tell you, they are very expensive. According to a Kennedy Information market research study, the rate for a partner at a small management or IT consulting firm goes for an average of $294/hour, while even an entry-level consultant charges $175/hour. The problem for most small businesses is the entire reason you need the consultant in the first place is because of the fact that you can’t afford to pay anyone $300/hour!

Since we are business people we tend to think of cost on the per hour basis. Assuming your business operates for an average of 40 hours/week, you are going to receive everything I am about to mention for 47 cents/hour. For 47 cents per hour, less than what you are paying for your telephone service, here is what you can do for your business:

  • Consulting in your area of expertise needed
  • Website
  • Forms & Documents
  • CRM
  • Business Directory Listing

Plus Legal Help:

As a member of this service, you will be assigned to a Provider Law Firm in your state which will provide the following services to you

  • Legal Consultation
  • Legal Correspondence
  • Debt Collection
  • Contract Review
  • Document Review
  • Trial Defense Services
  • Reduced Fee Services

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